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Fire Suppresion Systems

Modern Fire Suppression Systems in Frankfort, KY

It's vital that your restaurant has the right equipment to keep your guests and your staff safe from fire. Reliable Fire Protection Service equips businesses with state-of-the-art commercial fire suppression systems in Frankfort, KY, and surrounding areas. We specialize in fire suppression hoods, fire extinguishers, and fire alarm systems.

Fire Suppression Hoods

In most commercial kitchens, fire suppression hoods are essential safety features. We inspect, maintain, and certify these systems for clients throughout Central Kentucky.

Comprehensive Inspections

Regular inspections are essential, whether your fire suppression system has been used or not. We perform a visual inspection of all fire suppression units, validate all dates, verify pressure, and check the service schedule to ensure your system is in full compliance with regulations.

Fire Suppression Systems - Frankfort, KY